Blackson Arrow is a leading provider of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) logistics solutions.

In October 2022, Blackson Arrow was awarded a commercial contract to install and maintain over 20,000 used cooking oil (UCO) storage systems in restaurants across the United States. These systems allow our client to collect millions of gallons of used cooking oil each day that is filtered and refined into a sustainable jet fuel additive used to produce SAF.

At the heart of our operation is our state-of-the-art National Coordination Center (NCC) in Merritt Island, Florida. The NCC is to Blackson Arrow what Mission Control is to NASA. We like to say that each morning we start out with a Rubik’s Cube, and we spend the day lining up everything – maintenance, equipment, weather, technical difficulties, monitoring, and much more to keep these systems running and our customers happy.

The strength of our approach comes from a relentless focus on performance management and coordination of work activities. Using our advanced maintenance management system and relying on our years of expert facilities O&M experience, the NCC integrates and manages hundreds of vendors and technicians by providing the strategic and tactical decision-making that keeps these systems running. Here, our customer service team of Dispatchers are directly responsible for oversight and movement of our technicians and service providers.

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